Your First Lesson Free

A Taster Lesson To See If You Like It

At Doncaster Martial Arts Centre, we give you your first lesson free of charge. Yes that’s right, no obligation, no pressure, no money – just come and try the centre out.

When you first come to the club, we will show you around the whole centre. We will explain, for example, the different disciplines that are available, what days and times that they are held and which instructors will be teaching those classes. You might not be sure which discipline suits you, so we will talk you through each one. We will explain what each one is about, what it involves and whether it is suited to you.

Our Instructors will discuss with you, the reasons why you want to start. It may be fitness, it may be to help with bullying or it may be a long burning passion to try it out. Our students have all sorts of reasons, all of them valid and we always strive to help you, whatever the discipline, whatever the reason and at whatever pace suits you.

After My Taster Lesson

Fantastic – we can get you started with classes on a regular basis. You will need to purchase insurance and possibly a Gi or kickboxing uniform (if the discipline requires it)

That isn’t a problem, we can if you want go through any reasons why you may still be unsure. Don’t worry, it isn’t a high pressure sales interrogation under spotlight, it is just an informal chat to see if we can answer your questions. We don’t believe in a high pressured sales environment that a few centres have – it has to be your decision, not ours. It has to be right for you, it has to feel right for you – we just try and provide a friendly, knowledgeable centre for people to learn and advance.

That’s a shame, but we do understand and we never try and force you to take any of our classes. We would though like to know if it was anything specific about the centre or the way a class was taught. This helps us improve by taking any appropriate measures to provide a better service to people. It may be that you just don’t like it – that’s fine, we thank you for giving it a try and you are more than welcome to come back in the future and give it another shot, or just to say hello.

I'd Like To Get Started

If you would like to get started with a weeks free trial, just fill in your details below and we will contact you to arrange you coming in for your first lessons.